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LMRF Discussion Paper 23Tooltip 08/16/2016 Hits: 577
Inter Linkages between Technology and Livelihood: A Case of Furniture Industry in India
LMRF Reporthot!Tooltip 08/03/2016 Hits: 1228
A Study on Socio-Economic Conditions of Home Based Workers in the Textile and Garment Industry in North India
LMRF Reporthot!Tooltip 07/29/2016 Hits: 1184
Employment in Unorganised Sector in Navi Mumbai: A Socio Economic Profile
LMRF Discussion Paper 22hot!Tooltip 04/01/2015 Hits: 2383
Relevance of Unions in The Indian Banking Sector
LMRF Discussion Paper 21hot!Tooltip 09/26/2013 Hits: 1910
Determinants of Vacancy for Management Graduates In Indian Firms
LMRF Discussion Paper 20hot!Tooltip 06/14/2013 Hits: 2557
Should Wages go-up in Indian Manufacturing?
LMRF Discussion Paper 19hot!Tooltip 05/29/2013 Hits: 5155
Is Employment in Organised and Unorganised Retail Distinct?
LMRF Discussion Paper 18hot!Tooltip 04/09/2013 Hits: 1961
Skill Shortages and Its Determinants in Indian Firms: An Exploration
LMRF Discussion Paper 17hot!Tooltip 03/18/2013 Hits: 2377
Workers’ Representation in Organizations -Participation and Bargaining: Insights from a Case Study
LMRF Discussion Paper 16hot!Tooltip 02/27/2013 Hits: 1429
Labour Market Flexibility and Skill Shortage: An Exploration of Key Indicators
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