Who we are

ADECCO-TISS Labour Market Research Initiative

ATLMRI (The Adecco-TISS Labour Market Research Initiative) is a research and policy advocacy programme that aims to analyse and understand growth trajectories in the Indian economy and the character of labour force. We visualize providing pivotal Linkage between the government, industries, education training providers, and prospective employees.


Bino Paul G. D. (Associate Professor, TISS), an economist with an interest on the theoretical aspects of growth and its implications for labour market.

Kishore Bhirdikar is Research officer, Completed his  M.Phil from Pune University. He is currently working on issues related to transitions in labour market and informal sector labour.

Shaoni Shabnam is Research Officer, completed her M.Phil. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and is currently working on the issues related to entrepreneurship and micro finance.